Billy and Brittany were married on October 3, 2015 at Bluegrass Wedding Barn in Danville, Kentucky and chose Reel Special Productions to capture their wedding video. Check it out below.


How beautiful was Brittany's dress? And words can't explain how amazing the Bluegrass Wedding Barn is for both indoor and outdoor weddings and receptions!

How beautiful was Brittany’s dress? And words can’t explain how amazing the Bluegrass Wedding Barn is for both indoor and outdoor weddings and receptions!

“Did you imagine this morning when you got up that a day so gray and dreary could turn out to be so beautiful? It is NOT the weather that makes this day glorious. It is YOUR company. And it’s your company for the purpose of uniting these two together. Billy Lakes and Brittany Fallen.”

We absolutely LOVED the minister’s words and perspective that everyone shared for Billy and Brittany’s wedding on October 3rd at Bluegrass Wedding Barn. Despite the cool, crisp breeze and scattered rain showers that prevented the couple from having an outdoor ceremony on the BEAUTIFUL farm property in Danville, we knew it was going to be a magical day from the moment we entered the barn (note: when we say “barn”…we’re talking about a GORGEOUS wedding and event space that will blow away any expectations you may have for a barn. This place is stunning!).

Before we elaborate on this wedding video, let’s go back for a moment, shall we?! We were contacted by Billy’s mom back in September of last year. Her son and future daughter-in-law were still dating and not yet engaged. Knowing that Billy would soon propose to the love of his life, Billy’s mom also knew that some wedding vendors book well over a year in advance and she didn’t want anyone else but Reel Special Productions to film their wedding which they were secretly planning for the following year. Billy’s mom asked us about filming the proposal and we were SOOO bummed when we told her we had a scheduling conflict, but we were so thankful they decided to move forward and book us anyways!

The proposal went off without a hitch and when the big day finally rolled around for Billy and Brittany, we were so excited to travel to Danville and capture their magical day! It was so special to see the little touches that went into this day to make it unique. From the fall-themed décor to the precious letters the couple exchanged, every aspect of Billy and Brittany’s wedding just felt right and we were so happy we had the opportunity to capture so many beautiful moments. And we have to give some HUGE shout-outs to the amazing vendors we worked with at this wedding. First, Bryan Kidd with Kidd Designs did an absolutely fabulous job as the wedding director, and we can’t say enough great things about Janna and Steve, the owners of Bluegrass Wedding Barn. We also had a wonderful experience working alongside Chasity, one half of the CRAZY-TALENTED duo that is Goldie and Christine Photography. And last but not least, it’s always such a pleasure when we are able to work closely with the DJ to capture amazing audio, so a HUGE thank-you to Chris with Twilight Entertainment!

Billy and Brittany's wedding at the Bluegrass Wedding Barn was simply spectacular!

Billy and Brittany’s wedding at the Bluegrass Wedding Barn was simply spectacular!

One of our favorite parts of the day happened before the ceremony took place. Billy and Brittany exchanged letters to one another, but Billy had a big surprise waiting for Brittany when she opened her letter. It turns out she is a huge Harry Potter fan, so Billy’s letter was actually an acceptance letter to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry which was also an invitation for the soon-to-be newlyweds to visit Harry Potter World on their honeymoon! Brittany was glowing after receiving her gift from Billy and it was clear that her future husband knew the perfect place to take his bride for a trip they will remember for a lifetime!

Another moment we loved was how the couple wrote and shared their own vows with one another for the ceremony. There’s just something special and intimate about two people who stand before all their loved ones and speak – in their own words – about how they will strive to serve and love their mate for the rest of their lives. And as you’ll see and hear in the wedding video, we all had a hearty laugh when Brittany joked about how Billy would receive everything of hers…including her student loan debts. And that’s what makes marriage such a beautiful thing; we all face challenges in different ways and at different points in our lives. The good news is that when you marry the love of your life, you don’t have to face those struggles alone and it’s a lot easier when you can laugh about it together.

As soon as the ceremony was over we were able to sneak outside and capture some fun footage of the newlyweds together. The wedding party also came outside and even though it was cold with some light sprinkles of rain, everyone was laughing and having a great time. One of the beautiful horses even came up to congratulate the newlyweds…it was so precious and we loved being able to capture that moment on the wedding video!

The reception was held on the other side of the gorgeous Bluegrass Wedding Barn and it didn’t take long for the celebration to get underway. Guests enjoyed a delicious buffet dinner with lots of homestyle foods to choose from, and as soon as the toasts were done Billy and Brittany shared their first dance together as husband and wife. One of the most beautiful aspects of the Bluegrass Wedding Barn from a wedding photo / wedding video perspective was how deep the space is…combined with the café lighting strung from the barn rafters, the depth of the images we were able to capture really gave us the feels! This place is truly a photographer’s and videographer’s paradise (even if the weather kept us inside for most of the day)!

At the conclusion of the reception, guests lined the patio and waved hundreds of glow sticks as Billy and Brittany exited the venue to depart for their honeymoon. The swirls of light, sounds of laughter and joy that radiated in that moment made us appreciate even more the love that was in the air and we can only hope this wedding video will help Billy, Brittany and their loved ones relive and cherish all the amazing moments they shared together

We were thankful for the beautiful scenery (umm...HORSES!) everywhere you turned at Bluegrass Wedding Barn!

We were thankful for the beautiful scenery (umm…HORSES!) everywhere you turned at Bluegrass Wedding Barn!

Billy and Brittany, we are honored and grateful that you chose us to capture it and wish you all the best for many years to come!


Wedding Vendors
Wedding Video: Reel Special Productions
Wedding Photography:  Goldie and Christine Photography
Wedding Officiant: Reverend Kent Gilbert (Lead Pastor of Union Church in Berea, Kentucky)
Wedding Director: Bryan Kidd with Kidd Designs
Wedding Venue: Bluegrass Wedding Barn
Wedding Catering: LaDonna’s Catering
Wedding Photo booth & DJ: Twilight Entertainment
Wedding Flowers: Foley’s Florist
Wedding Cake: Virginia Bryant