We’re better together.

We’re big believers in placing community over competition. Relationships before business. People over profit.

Over the years, we have invested significant time and energy helping build up dozens of small businesses, including several wedding filmmakers who are successful today. We believe wholeheartedly that when we pour into others – even competitors – we rise together.

Mentoring 1Mentoring Sessions

We offer both in-person and Zoom mentoring sessions for anyone interested in starting or growing a wedding video business (or any other creative business, for that matter)! Whether you’re just starting out, feeling overlooked, or just want to bounce ideas off of us, we have the experience that can help you find success.

You can ask us anything — how to build your brand, get leads, choose the right gear, manage finances, work with your spouse (sometimes it’s not as easy as it looks…haha!) — and we will even share answers to questions we wished we would have known to ask years ago! Many of our friends and clients know we are an open book when it comes to sharing about our marriage and our personal lives, so this is a natural next step for us to help others build something successful in their lives as well.

We offer one- and three-hour sessions depending on what suits your needs and schedule. If you’ve been on the fence about doing something like this, kick fear or uncertainty to the curb and contact us today!

Wedding Video Critiques

Are you a wedding filmmaker interested in improving your craft? We offer fast, helpful critiques at a very affordable rate! Contact us to learn more and request pricing.

I had the opportunity to meet with Ryan for an online mentorship in videography. I am a photographer and dipping my toes into the video world and after seeing Reel Special’s work, I KNEW that I wanted to learn more from them. If you have seen their work, it speaks for itself! I have nothing but WONDERFUL things to say about my mentoring session…Ryan went above and beyond. If you’re interested in learning more about any aspect of videography or business, I HIGHLY recommend Reel Special for a mentorship.
Liz Terry

Liz Terry Photography

Ryan was a tremendous help with guidance, and information about furthering my own business. Ryan has been around enough to know what he’s talking about, and actually cares that you succeed at reaching your goal. If you want to take your business to the next level, reach out to this guy and don’t look back!
Bryan Starr

Bryan Starr Cinematography

I HIGHLY recommend using Ryan! Especially if you know seriously nothing about video using a DSLR because honestly I had no clue and Ryan broke things down for me to a level where I could understand and wrap my head around! We just shot our first wedding highlights reel two weeks ago…but I seriously wouldn’t have even been able to get to that point without the mentoring I did with Ryan! Totally worth it!

Rachel Kowalchuk

Sweet Tea Photography

Ryan was so willing to help me out with some questions I had about real estate videography, it was such a pleasure to really see the “community over competition” come to life. We love the work Ryan and Brittany create and maybe one day our paths will cross and we’ll get to work together! Thanks so much for your advice and the time you took to talk things out with me, Ryan! It’s greatly appreciated.
Kaila Lassey

KLassey Productions