Brett and Lexy were married on October 13, 2018, at Glenlary in Lexington, Kentucky, and chose Reel Special to capture their wedding video. Check it out below.

Lexy reached out to us last year to inquire about us filming her wedding video. She was living in New York City at the time while maintaining a long-distance relationship with her beau, Brett, but she was anxious to move back and plan a dream wedding with her high school sweetheart. Lexy happened to be good friends with one of our former brides (yay, Ginny!) so we absolutely loved making the connection and we were SO excited when Lexy told us she definitely wanted us to film her wedding video.

Both the ceremony and reception were held at Glenlary, a stunning private estate located in Paris, Kentucky, that is available on a very limited basis for special events. We arrived at Glenlary as Lexy and her bridesmaids were getting ready in the main house. Brett and his groomsmen were stowed away in the most magnificent cabin behind the large home and pool. There is something so special about this family-owned venue and feel that Brett and Lexy couldn’t have made a better choice for their wedding day.

As soon as we entered the home, Brittany headed upstairs to capture wedding video footage of Lexy and her girls getting ready. Lexy was holding her pup, Mila, and we instantly had all the feels! Y’all…this pup was so cute and it was so precious to see the bond that Lexy and Mila shared. When the time came for Lexy to put on her STUNNING dress, our jaws dropped when we saw the incredible gown. The dress was designed by Pnina Tornai, and Lexy shared with us that Pnina was actually there in person and measured Lexy when she tried it on for the first time. How amazing is that? Lexy’s gown was an absolute show stopper, complete with countless sparkling jewels and a cut out back. It left us speechless!

Meanwhile, Ryan went over and captured wedding video footage of Brett and his guys hanging out and getting ready. Ryan was able to have Brett step away for a few minutes and got footage of him opening his wedding gift from Lexy, as well as reading the precious card she had written him. Y’all, these two have been together basically forever and the words they both wrote to one another demonstrated the strength and depth of their love. Capturing these moments is one of our absolute favorite parts for the wedding video!

Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 1

Lexy’s dress and veil were designed by Pnina Tornai.

Lexy shared the sweetest first look with her Dad, then she headed downstairs to see her groom for the first time We teamed up with the Malicotes and arranged Brett in the perfect spot on the front porch at Glenlary. It’s always fun trying to keep the groom from turning his head to take a sneak peak of the bride walking toward him! Moments later, Lexy was walking out of the front door of the estate towards the love of her life. The first look was full of emotions all around…it was simply perfect!

The ceremony took place on the front lawn at Glenlary. There was a slight chill in the air which made for a perfect fall wedding. Friends and family gathered to witness Brett and Lexy tie the knot, and the message to the couple challenged them to always love one another and invest in their marriage. Toward the end of their ceremony, Brett and Lexy took turns emptying blue and white sand into a vase (Go Cats!). The mixing of sand symbolized their joining of each other as husband and wife. At the conclusion of the ceremony, the officiant invited Brett and Lexy to seal their vows with a kiss, then he announced them as the newly married Mr. and Mrs. Waldrop!

The reception took place on the back of the property under an enormous white tent lit with gorgeous chandeliers. Before guests entered the tent, they were treated to a cocktail hour around the pool. They enjoyed cocktails, light appetizers, and live music from Electria before taking their seats.

As the reception got underway, everyone made way to their tables and the bridal party was then introduced with the grand entrance of the newlyweds. There was so much energy flowing through this evening and the Familiar Faces had everyone on the dance floor for most of the evening. At one point, Lexy’s mom even got on stage to perform a song…she did so awesome! It was an amazing night full of fun and celebration, and it was clear that Brett, Lexy, and all their loved ones enjoyed such a special day.

Glenlary wedding reception

Guests danced the night away at Brett and Lexy’s reception at Glenlary in Paris, Kentucky.

Brett and Lexy, we absolutely loved filming your wedding! We hope that as you look back on your wedding video you will be able to relive and cherish your amazing day as if it were yesterday. We are so honored and grateful that you chose us to capture it and wish you all the best for many years to come!

Video: Reel Special
Photography: The Malicotes
Coordinator: Alicia Collins with Great Expectations
Flowers: Fields in Bloom
Venue: Glenlary
Catering: Darae’s
Wedding Cake: Linda Mashni
Hair: Sara Drury
Makeup: Caroline Lee
Dress: Pnina Tornai
Band: Familiar Faces
Ceremony Music: Electria
Wedding Painter: Stephanie Hilen
Stationary: Simply Done Invites
Rentals: Bryant’s and Canvas Events
Draping + String Lights: Events with Design
Photo Booth: Derby City
Transportation: Gold Shield

Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 2 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 3 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 4 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 5 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 6 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 7 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 8 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 9 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 10 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 11 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 12  Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 13 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 14 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 15 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 16 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 17 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 18 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 19 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 20 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 21 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 22 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 23 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 24 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 25 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 26 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 27 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 28 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 29 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 30 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 31 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 32 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 33 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 34 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 35 Stunning Glenlary Wedding // Brett + Lexy 36