Tony and Jennie were married on October 1, 2016, in Campbellsville, Kentucky, and chose Reel Special Productions to capture their wedding video. Check it out below.



Jennie holds her dress before final preparations for her beautiful boho wedding in Campbellsville, Kentucky.

Jennie is a precious soul with a love for life, her daughter and her (now) adoring husband, Tony. They’ve stood the test of time and have experienced their fair share of trials, but their ten-year relationship has led them to a life of happiness and forever love. We were so excited when Jennie asked us to be a part of their special day and film their wedding video.

We first arrived on the family farm where Jennie grew up and we were SO excited to capture some amazing wedding day footage. Jennie’s dear friend did her hair and makeup and goodness, was Jennie glowing! Her two-piece wedding dress was simply stunning and Jennie’s look was complete with a beautiful flower crown that added the perfect Bohemian wedding look. Before Tony arrived at the farm, we captured some beautiful footage of just Jennie for the wedding video. Seriously, you all, this day could not have been more perfect!

We hid Jennie inside the house as Tony drove up the long driveway and prepared him for the first look with his bride-to-be. Tony was definitely ready to see Jennie and she was oh-so-ready to see her groom. After we had Tony in the perfect spot, Jennie walked out of the house towards her groom where they would soon stand to marry one another. We loved capturing this moment for the wedding video, because seriously y’all, Tony’s reaction was priceless! He was in awe of his bride and together they were beaming from ear to ear. These two had waited long enough and it was finally time to see them tie the knot!


Have you ever seen a more beautiful family? We loved capturing this special day and know that those kiddos will treasure this wedding video footage many years down the road.

The ceremony was held on the front part of the beautiful farm property. Straw bales were lined in rows covered in precious quilts for guests to sit on. The quilts were quickly picked up by family and a few guests when a shower passed through about thirty minutes before the ceremony, but the rain stopped moments before the ceremony was scheduled to start and everything came together right on time. We’re pretty sure the ceremony was the highlight of the day and as you’ll see, much of the wedding video footage featured Tony and Jennie sharing the absolutely amazing, heartfelt vows they wrote for one another. Tony completely poured his heart out to Jennie and Jennie did the same. As Jennie shared at the end of her vows, it wasn’t ten years of waiting because all along they knew they were the one for each other. Towards the end of the ceremony, Tony and Jennie along with their children Ellyson and Ty, planted a tree together. This symbolized more than we will ever know and goodness, was it a precious memory they created together on such a sweet, sweet day. We truly believe God has perfect timing in all things and we know these two will live a very happy life together with their sweet family.

Following the ceremony, Jennie’s precious dad took us out in his pickup truck to a beautiful field on the back of the farm. We captured some amazing wedding video footage of just the two of them with the perfect backdrop of God’s beautiful creation. After a few minutes with the newlyweds, we could see the rain approaching so we hopped in the back of the truck and headed for the house, and let’s just say that when we arrived at the reception we made “soaking wet” look fabulous! Ha! We love making memories and this was definitely a fun one (and fortunately, our camera gear was safely in the cab of the truck so we had nothing to worry about there).

The reception venue was just a few miles from the ceremony site and was sweetly decorated. Another favorite part of our day was capturing some Super 8 footage for the wedding video and we knew this was the perfect wedding for it. We loved all the little details at the reception and made sure to capture it all. After Tony and Jennie shared their first dance, guests enjoyed a delicious BBQ meal catered by Brothers. Everyone had a great time celebrating Tony and Jennie and it was such a special day.


Tony and Jennie shared their first dance together after offering the sweetest vows to one another.

Tony and Jennie, we absolutely loved filming your wedding! We hope that as you look back on your wedding video you will be able to relive and cherish your amazing day as if it were yesterday. We are so honored and grateful that you chose us to capture it and wish you all the best for many years to come!

Video: Reel Special Productions
Photography: The Malicotes
Venue: The Venue
Catering: Brothers Catering
Flowers: Brooke Herron Houk (all picked from the farm)
DJ: Nate Blankenship
Wedding Dress: Top from Forever 21 and skirt from Bliss Tulle
Hair & Makeup: Rachel Lee
Wedding Cake: Kiyonta Goodin

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