1. So what exactly do you do?
We are videographers, plain and simple (well, videography isn’t all that simple, but hopefully you catch our drift).

2. Why is video important for my wedding day?
When your wedding day comes to an end, the best way to relive the day will be through photos and video. Wedding photos are wonderful keepsakes but there really is nothing that compares to watching the story of your day unfold on video. Snapshots are a work of art and we LOVE many of the photographers we work with, but on the most important day of your life a Reel Special wedding video will capture the people that matter the most. Not only can you relive every moment, but this video can be shared for generations to come.

3. Do you travel?
Yes, please! We are available for travel nationwide and are also willing to travel to exotic locations for video projects (including weddings, commercials, promotional videos, etc.)

4. What are your costs associated with travel?
Reel Special Productions is based in Lexington, Kentucky but we are willing to go almost anywhere on a whim. Each situation is unique so it requires a conversation before we can provide an accurate estimate on travel costs.

5. What type of equipment do you use?
We use DSLR cameras (yes, we’re often confused for photographers). We edit with the Adobe Creative Suite and we use professional audio recording equipment like the Zoom H4N, Sony wireless microphones, and Rode VideoMic Pros. When professional lighting is needed, we utilize an stationary LED light configuration which is capable of running off batteries so we don’t have to worry about people tripping over power cords.

6. Are you insured?
Yes, we are insured out the wazoo because weddings are not cheap (and neither is our camera gear).

7. Can I choose the music for the highlight video?
Absolutely, but there are a few things you need to know. First, to avoid copyright issues, we only purchase and use music from www.songfreedom.com or www.themusicbed.com (you can either send us a link to the songs you like or you can tell us the artist name and track title). Secondly, it really helps us to have at least 2-3 options from any of those websites.

IMPORTANT: If you want us to use a track that is not licensed through one of the websites linked above, we are not able to feature your highlight video online.

8. Do you do guest interviews?
Our creative style keeps us more “behind the scenes” and we’ve found that most often, wedding guests do not enjoy being put “on the spot” with a camera in their face. Secondly, besides the quiet moments when vows or toasts are taking place, weddings are LOUD and getting quality audio for interviews is extremely difficult. Lastly, because we don’t know your wedding guests as well as you do, we aren’t as comfortable asking them to talk about the bride and groom. For these reasons, we do not do guest interviews unless the bride and groom have a unique circumstance which they discuss with us well before the wedding day arrives.

9. What is your turnaround time?
One of the many things that sets Reel Special apart is our turnaround time. We will have your full, edited wedding film back within six weeks of your wedding day. Our contract gives us a bit more leeway, but we book a limited number of weddings each year to ensure we provide superior service to our clients.

10. What is your cancellation policy?
This also depends on the project at hand. For wedding videos, please view our wedding video agreement (available upon request).

11. Will I get all the raw footage?
Clients interested in obtaining the raw footage may purchase it upon completion of their video project.

12. How do you work with other vendors?
We work closely with other vendors to ensure your event goes as smoothly as possible. In fact, working with others is one of our favorite parts of the job! When it comes to the photographer(s), we work hard to stay out of their way, but most often the best place for both of us to be is side-by-side. We both have important jobs to do, so we always try our best to stay out of the spotlight and capture the day without any imposition to others. We frequently receive compliments from photographers who tell us we are the best videographers they’ve ever worked with. We blush every time!

We also like to meet up with DJs to get clean audio feeds at events, but we always have backup audio sources in case of any issues with the DJ’s soundboard or mix into our recorder(s).

13. What forms of payment do you accept?
Reel Special Productions accepts cash, checks, credit cards, and PayPal.

14. Is a deposit required to save the date for a wedding video?
Yes, we require a $1,000 non-refundable retainer along with a signed wedding video agreement to save your date. If you’d like an electronic invoice which allows you to pay online, just let us know.

15. Do you offer payment plans?
We offer something even more flexible than a structured payment plan! For weddings, after you make your deposit, you won’t owe another penny until 30 days before the wedding date. If you’d like to make multiple payments between the time you send in your deposit and the date of your wedding, you are welcome to do that but it is not required.

For commercial projects, 50% of the estimated project amount is due prior to any filming. The remaining balance is due upon completion of the project and prior to Reel Special Productions turning over any video files/DVDs.


Photo credit: Malicote Photography