Chris and Janelle were married on May 14, 2015 in a beautiful wedding at Talon Winery & Vineyard in Lexington, Kentucky and Reel Special Productions had the honor of capturing their wedding video. Check it out below.


Chris and Janelle tied the knot at Talon Winery in 2015.

Chris and Janelle tied the knot at Talon Winery in 2015.

We couldn’t wait to connect with Janelle and Chris once we learned they were engaged! When we first met the couple to talk about the wedding day plans, it was clear from the start just how much Chris and Janelle love each other. We could see the passion they shared simply in the way they looked at one another…it was incredible!

To truly understand Chris and Janelle’s relationship, you need to know a bit more about this lovely couple and how they met. Chris has a super-highly-top-secret-job at Lockheed-Martin (actually, we just forgot to ask him about his job but we’re just going to stick with what we’ve got there), has a son (Ethan) that loves sports and is full of energy, and is actively involved in various outreach efforts and ministries at Southland Christian Church (where we also worship and serve). Janelle is on staff at the church and has a HUGE heart for serving people in our community. In fact, Janelle helps coordinate a mentoring program for elementary aged kids at the same school where Brittany teaches in Lexington (side note: Ryan was a volunteer mentor this past school year and had a blast!). Janelle is also involved with Serve the City, a ministry that involves throwing birthday parties, hosting cookouts and simply meeting people where they are to show them the love of Jesus. How amazing is that?!

In the fall of 2012, Southland attendees were invited to enter in the midst of major renovations at a mall-turned-church campus to pray over the new building and to write scripture on the concrete floors of the church before the carpet was laid down. Chris and Janelle met for the first time on that very special evening, and it wasn’t long before they started dating and fell in love. Chris proposed to Janelle in the very spot where they first met — the Richmond Road campus — in January 2015 (yep…just four months ago!). Since then, they have spent nearly every waking minute serving others, having fun together with Ethan and savoring God’s gift of finding their partner in life.

Black barns abound at Talon Winery.

Black barns abound at Talon Winery.

Chris and Janelle’s wedding was held at one of our all-time favorite Lexington venues — Talon Winery & Vineyard — and the ceremony was set to take place outside on the barn patio. Because the special event was taking place on a Thursday (hey…when you plan a wedding in a few short months you have to be flexible with dates!), we enlisted the help of our good friends Neil and Jordan, both of whom are on staff with Janelle at Southland and INCREDIBLY talented filmmakers and storytellers. Neil and Jordan were able to capture some awesome wedding video footage of Chris and Janelle’s preparations and we are SO grateful they were willing to lend their time and talents to us and more importantly, to Chris and Janelle.

Ryan arrived shortly after Neil and Jordan and first captured some stunning aerial shots (what better way to showcase a vineyard, right?) before heading up to the bridal suite to film Janelle and her bridesmaids. Chris and his groomsmen got ready in the barn where the reception would take place, so both Neil and Jordan were able to capture the guys donning their trendy gray suits.

A sea of friends and family poured in to the Winery and by the time the ceremony got underway, every seat was filled and only standing room remained for those present to witness Chris and Janelle tie the knot. One of the many things we LOVED about their ceremony was the fact that they wrote deeply heartfelt (and at times, funny!) promises to one another. In addition to these promises, Chris and Janelle incorporated the most incredible vows penned by our pastor and friend, Jon Weece. A portion of these vows were incorporated into the wedding video highlights, but for those who heard them in their entirety, it’s safe to say that the tears were flowing freely! That even included Brittany…at one point Ryan looked over at Brittany and saw her (unsuccessfully) trying to hold back the flood of tears (side note: it’s REALLY difficult to pull focus with tears welled up in your eyes!). Truth be told, both Ryan and Brittany got emotional hearing the nearly identical vows we recited to one another when we got married at Southland Christian Church back in 2010. The vows Chris and Janelle shared definitely made their wedding all the more special for us!

Chris-Janelle-CakeOnce the ceremony ended guests were treated to delectable food choices from Saul Good Restaurant & Pub as well as a delicious cake prepared by DeWayna Aulick. After the newlyweds were introduced as husband and wife the toasts were shared by Chris and Janelle’s closest friends then the couple had their first dance while their uber-talented friends Darian and Amaris sang an incredible live rendition of Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran.

Our evening with Chris and Janelle ended with an epic sunset and a beautiful landscape we knew would be perfect for the final shots of their wedding video. God sure knew what He was doing when He painted that colorful Thursday night sky! The day seemed to fly by so fast, but we wouldn’t have had such a great experience capturing wedding video footage if it weren’t for three amazing people: Mary and Gabe Lawson with Honey Heart Photography and Jennifer Manley, the wedding coordinator who was really the glue that held the day together and made everything flow seamlessly. Mary, Gabe and Jen, we sure are thankful for your friendship!

Chris and Janelle, it was such a blessing to be a part of your wedding. You are an incredible couple already doing incredible things with even more opportunities coming your way now as husband and wife. Thank you for letting your love for one another shine so brightly, but more importantly, thank you for loving Jesus in the ways that you do! We hope that as you look back on your wedding video you will be able to cherish everything about your special day. It was truly and honor to capture everything for you and we look forward to seeing all the blessings God has in store for your marriage!

The Wedding Team:

Video: Reel Special Productions
(special thanks to Neil Gregory and Jordan West)
Photography: Honey Heart Photography
Venue: Talon Winery & Vineyard
Caterer: Saul Good Restaurant & Pub
Cake: DeWayna Aulick
Flowers: Shilah and Cyndi Allen
DJ: Darian Sanders
Wedding Coordinator: Jennifer Manley