Eddie and Tracey were married on June 26, 2016, at The Livery in Lexington, Kentucky, and Reel Special Productions had the honor and privilege of capturing their wedding video. Check it out below.



The Twirl girls (Ty and Liz) help Tracey with her dress.

It was a God thing. This couple. This event. This giveaway. These vendors. We loved meeting Eddie and Tracey for the first time and remember it like it was just yesterday. We had our first meeting at Meant to Be Boutique with the Joyful Day Giveaway committee. We laughed, we let the tears roll, and we just spent time getting to know one another.

Eddie and Tracey’s love for one another is strong and their story has it’s fair share of heartache, but you would never know that from the wedding video. Instead of dwelling on Eddie’s battle with cancer, Tracey talked about what she had envisioned in this day and her smile beamed from ear to ear at the thought of this really coming together in just two short weeks. Local vendors from around Lexington rallied together to help make this dream wedding become a reality and without them, we wouldn’t have been able to make Eddie and Tracey’s dreams come true.

We started our morning at Twirl Boutique in Lexington. Ty and Liz opened up their shop for Tracey and her daughter to get ready prior to the ceremony. Tracey had picked out a gorgeous Donna Morgan dress that fit her style and personality seamlessly. Ty and Liz worked with both Tracey and her daughter to ensure they had the perfect dresses for this sweet day and they certainly did. Everyone was excited and we can’t thank our Twirl girls enough for donating their dresses, time and talents for this special occasion. We loved being at Twirl capturing footage for the wedding video of Tracey and her daughter getting ready by the oh so fabulous Allison and Dana of PinkLouLou Design Studio. These two are impeccable at what they do and it shows in every detail they put into their styling. Tracey looked stunning and you could tell she was feeling confident as she was preparing to step into her beautiful dress. Allison and Dana are a powerhouse team and we’re so thankful they were a part of the Joyful Day team! The time prepping before the ceremony was sweet for everyone involved, and we may have been a little teary-eyed as well thinking about Eddie and Tracey seeing one another for the first time on their wedding day!

We then headed to the The Livery. And, wow. This place. You all, The Livery opened their doors as widely as they could to us in order to make this day happen…the owners of The Livery have hearts of gold and we simply can’t thank them enough. This historic space was absolutely PERFECT and we loved getting to film in one of our most favorite spots in downtown Lexington. It always makes for a great wedding video! As soon as we arrived, we were able to capture some footage of Eddie as he was finishing getting ready. He looked handsome and was excited for the ceremony to begin so he could see his bride for the first time that day. Eddie also loved having his son and other family members there with him on this special day.


The Livery in Lexington, Kentucky was an absolutely beautiful place for this very special wedding.

Not long after we arrived at The Livery it was time to get everyone into position. Once Tracey arrived with her daughter, the ceremony began and we’re pretty sure Eddie was floored as Tracey walked down the aisle! And can you blame him?! One look at Tracey was all it took for Eddie to turn to the preacher and utter something only Eddie could get away with…haha! The ceremony was short and sweet, with each vowing their love for one another through sickness and in health. We’re pretty certain there wasn’t a dry eye in the place by that point, but the officiant from Eddie and Tracey’s home church in Cynthiana did a fabulous job sharing a message and uniting these two as husband and wife. We also teared up just thinking about all the amazing vendors…especially Erica with Hide and Seek Design and Bonnie with Stems for also donating their time, talents and of course…so many gorgeous flowers! The touches of fuchsia and yellow with navy ribbon made for some of the most beautiful arrangements we’ve ever seen. Seriously y’all, these ladies did an AMAZING job and gave so much to make this day happen!

The reception was just as special, and much of the praise goes to DeRae and Friends Catering who did an impeccable job with the lavish spread of food they prepared. Did you see their epic fruit table display on the wedding video? Oh. My. Stars. DeRae and her crew blew us away with their gifts and the food was soooooo delicious! The staff did an amazing job making sure everything was perfect and that the guests were happy. Friends and family enjoyed eating together while our fabulous friends over at Kentucky Pro DJ emceed the rest of the evening and kept our toes tapping with music in the background. We really can’t say enough great things about these guys…despite the two week notice they were willing to drop everything and not only made it happenen, but went above and beyond to ensure it was perfect for Eddie and Tracey. We absolutely LOVED seeing the newlyweds share their first dance together as husband and wife!

Every part of the reception was spectacular, including when it came time for the cake. Can we all just give a big high-five to Cameron from Tinker’s Cake Shop in Lexington? This cake was so beautiful…so elegant…and SOOOO delicious as always! We’re also very thankful to Purdon’s Rental & Sales for all the tables, chairs and linens they provided…every detail mattered and we’re just so grateful! We loved seeing Eddie and Tracey enjoying one another, enjoying time with their friends and family and just sharing sweet moments together. It was all just a perfect evening if we do say so ourselves!

And, to capture it all…the incredibly dynamic duo of Matt and Kelsey with Malicote Photography. These two ALWAYS do an incredible job and we were so happy to be working along side them to capture this day for the wedding video. I’m pretty sure we were only able to capture all smiles from Eddie and Tracey from the entire day, and the Malicotes play a huge role in making that happen with their amazing ability to lighten up every room they step into! They are both such generous souls and were a blessing to be around on Eddie and Tracey’s wedding day.

Before we knew it, the evening was winding down and it was time to send the newlyweds off to the Hilton Downtown Lexington. We’re so thankful to our friends over at the Hilton for donating the very special honeymoon suite for Eddie and Tracey on their wedding night. We’ve said it a million times, but this day was simply perfect and SO full of JOY despite the many tears that were shed. In the end, the Joyful Day Giveaway accomplished our goal of giving away a dream wedding to a deserving couple at no expense to them. We had an incredible team of top wedding vendors come together to help Eddie and Tracey celebrate their love with an unforgettable wedding that may not have otherwise been possible, so to each and every person involved, THANK YOU!

joyful day wedding

Eddie and Tracey were beaming at each other as they were introduced as “husband and wife.”

Eddie and Tracey, we hope that as you look back on your wedding video you will be able to relive and cherish your amazing day. We are so honored and grateful that we were able to capture it and wish you all the JOY in the world as you continue your lives together!

The Joyful Day Team:
Video: Reel Special Productions
Photography: Malicote Photography
Ceremony & Reception Venue: The Livery
Catering: DeRae and Friends
Flowers: Hide & Seek Design and Stems
DJ: Kentucky Pro DJ
Hair & Makeup: PinkLouLou Design Studio
Cake: Tinker’s Cake Shop
Dress: Donna Morgan from Meant to Be Boutique + Twirl Boutique
Rentals: Purdon’s Sales & Rentals
Hotel: Hilton Downtown Lexington

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